Why FreeStateMents?

What’s up with the FreeStateMents thing you ask?  That’s a fair question, so lemme answer it.

Alright, you got me.  I already answered this question before (if you’ve been paying attention), but this time I wanna go a bit more in depth.

As we all know in today’s internet based world, a screen name represents your online self for forums, twitter, and the like.  It’s evolved to almost become our digital identity.  And in some cases, it is an identifying marker.  And if all goes right, that’s where I’m headed with this thing (hopefully).

Basically, FreeStateMents was born from my Twitter handle.  A few years back when I signed up for an account, I couldn’t think of anything truly original.  So I came up with a play on words involving my home state.  Since Maryland is “The Free State”, I went with a variation on that theme (which I think is clever).  Then I went about my merry way, tweeting stuff.

It wasn’t until sometime later that I saw the beauty of branding my handle.  Really the inspiration came from reading all of the different internet marketing crap that I consume.  But this was a pretty good idea.  The line of thought is that you build a name into a brand itself.  Then you will not only establish a loyal following, but also a customer base that will eventually consume every half-baked product idea that you come up with.

Hmmmm.  That sounded pretty good to me.  So I went about trying to brand myself.  And I did put in a decent amount of legwork posting, and tweeting, and commenting, and all of that.  I tell ya, in my mind’s eye I could picture FreeStateMents tee shirts and teddy bears and toilet paper and vibrators and coffee cups.  And then I could set ‘em up for the huge launch of my own line of pepper spray!  This thing is gonna make me a gazillionaire!!!  I was even getting used to envisioning my future life of leisure.

Oh boy.

Somehow, I got control of myself.  I can’t say that my sense of restraint won out, although the image of me spamming folk into buying crap just didn’t sit right.

Yes, that million dollar dream is still alive in me, but I want to get it the old fashioned way.  Really.  But you know how the online seduction can get to ya.  I admit, it got to me too for a sec.  But now, I would rather my moniker be recognized for damn good blogging.

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