Monthly Archive: May 2015

I Love Talking to People

Share on TumblrThis topic is pretty simple and straightforward.  I love talking to people.  All kinds of people.  And for me, it’s been that way for years.  My (strongly held) personal view is that my life has been immensely improved by actively talking with folks.  Prove it, you say?  Okay.  I will.

The Story Depends On The Storyteller

Share on TumblrA fable:  The Man and the Lion

I Love Soda, But I Drink Green Tea

Share on TumblrHere’s the thing: I love soda.  I mean, I really love soda.  Always have, since I was a kid.  Looking back, it really wasn’t that uncommon to consume burgers & fries and drink soda growing up.  And clearly I wasn’t alone – everybody did it.  Just like everyone considered McDonald’s, Wendy’s and the …

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A Guaranteed Method To Get Everyone Hitched – Part 2

Share on TumblrIn the previous post, we took a look at where marriage stands in America.  Let’s be honest; when it comes to secure, faithful unions, we are coming up short.  Marriage nowadays ain’t what it used to be (besides our grandparents, most people struggle to name 3 couples that they personally know that have …

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