Monthly Archive: April 2015

My Plan To Save America – Part 1

Share on TumblrOkay, so here we go.  I thought, and thought, and ruminated sommore.  And after while, I just plain ol’ procrastinated.  And in the end I just decided to go with it.  For our own good, we all need to submit to arranged marriages. Now I know you think I’m crazy.  But I’m dead …

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Let’s Talk

Share on TumblrCan we talk? Remember those famous words?  It’s funny; if you google that exact term, Tevin Campbell’s signature hit pops up #1 in the search results.  And I really like that song from back in the day.  But I was thinking more along the lines of Joan Rivers’ famous catchphrase. 

Why FreeStateMents?

Share on TumblrWhat’s up with the FreeStateMents thing you ask?  That’s a fair question, so lemme answer it. Alright, you got me.  I already answered this question before (if you’ve been paying attention), but this time I wanna go a bit more in depth.

Allow Me to Introduce ME

Share on TumblrI am nervous because this is my 1st standard post. I have committed to doing this, but as is often the case, my creativity proves elusive.  So let me do this instead: walk with me.  I’m gonna take you on a tour through this blog.