This blog is long overdue.

My intention, for quite some time, has been to add my take on things to the organic, evolving conversation. You know, the one that takes place primarily online.

I felt that I had so many pithy and wise verses to share with my fellow neighbors that I was compelled to start a blog. Further, the world just had to hear my perspective. It is beneficial. It’s unique. My words, steeped in wisdom, were going to cure the modern world and guide an entire generation to salvation that was lost in the wilderness.


Then I got over myself. Every man thinks that he alone is indispensable, I suppose. The good news is that I’m not on that high horse anymore. Now, it’s more about my sincere attempt to add value to that ever evolving conversation.

So here it is: my personal blog. And my personal blog also has the distinction of being tied to my Twitter handle @FreeStateMents. I figure that it’s something different…and it gives me an opportunity to spout off opinionated crap about all sorts of nonrelated issues (and maintain some measure of privacy).

Now that’s a Win-Win in my book.

Anyhow, read and heckle me for my poorly written nonsense. Or endlessly praise my thoughtful prose, since I’m going to let all non-spam related comments have their day in the sun. Honestly, what I truly want is to foster some genuine conversation among those inclined to converse. Are you down?

My Promise

I solemnly swear to put out the absolute best content that I am capable of producing. I won’t do the “Such-and-such tramp is the best ever in Hollywood for these twenty reasons” crap. Or the “Let me say this to shock you and trick you to read my boring post” thing either. If this be a quality blog, it will swim. If not, it will sink. I am perfectly willing to let this site stand on its own merits.

Okay. Enough with the page nobody reads. Let’s begin.


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  1. FreeStateMents

    I am quite confident that I will be sticking around.

  2. Tierney Elizabeth

    Hope to see more of what you write on WWBM. 😉 Lady Ches

  3. Dr. G

    Righteous! Now let’s go get free (statements)!

    1. FreeStateMents

      It is indeed a pleasure to see you check in Doctor.

  4. FreeStateMents

    Thank You for your comments.

    Yes. I intend to touch on general themes. And while the topics will be current,the overall content will be somewhat random. Kind of a what’s on my mind thing. But unfortunately, there will be no forum at this time.

    Although I hope to inspire some worthwhile discussion here in the comments section.

  5. Lin

    Now this website interests me. Are you going to be covering all kinds of subject matter? How will you determine what is worthwhile? Will you have a forum?

    I look forward to checking out the site once the construction signs are removed.

  6. Patricia

    Can’t wait!

    1. FreeStateMents

      Thank you. I am pleased to hear that someone is looking forward to it. And I appreciate the comment. You’re the 1st!

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